Aluminum Patio Builder in South Mississippi

The aluminum patio builder of choice is Aluminum Designs. 

For over two decades, Aluminum Designs has been in business. We enjoy enhancing the backyards along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We specialize in attached aluminum patios, screened enclosures, and swimming pool enclosures. 

Also, we are proud to report that Aluminum Designs is Mississippi’s only approved MegaView pool enclosure builder. The Megaview post can span up to 3 times farther than other pool enclosure posts. As a result, fewer posts block the view of your beautiful yard.

Insulated roof with screened patio eclosure built by  Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.
screen enclosure with an insulated roof built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.

We aim for high-quality building methods and customer service at every level. As an aluminum patio builder, we have 5-star reviews on several sites. As a result, almost 95% percent of new jobs are from referrals. We have an large list of satisfied customers. Therefore, If you would like to see the details of our work in person, we can schedule a meeting with our customers. Our customers love the work we have done for them. For this reason, we are South Mississippi’s aluminum patio builder. Contact our office M-F 8 am to 2 pm.

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Aluminum Designs is proud to carry products made in the USA.

pool enclosure with a patio cover, both built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.
Swimming pool enclosure with a patio cover. both built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS
Our Aluminum construction jobs are listed below
  • We build standard swimming pool enclosures, large and small. We make them according to the engineering and wind ratings for each city code.
  • Aluminum Designs builds engineered MegaView pool enclosures for wide-open views between the post.
  • Big screen lanai enclosures. For example, it has a screen wall and a screened roof.
  • Screen rooms with gnat-proof screens. Therefore, the screen keeps gnats, bugs, other biting insects, snakes, frogs, and lizards out of the enclosure.
  • A screen under is for your existing patio. For example, we screen in your existing porch and add a door.
  • We use non-insulated, aluminum patio covers featuring a .030 3″ riser pan roof system.
  • We use insulated aluminum patio covers featuring an Elite 3″ insulated roof system.
  • Aluminum Designs makes walkway covers for homes, schools, and businesses so, you can get around during the rain.
  • We build insulated sunrooms, Arizona and Florida rooms. For example, glass enclosures.
  • Custom aluminum handrails that are made for your home.