Review for Carport

Review for aluminum carport built by Aluminum Designs.

A review for a carport that is copied from Facebook 3/12/19

“Aluminum Designs. Great folks. Professional! On time, clean up after themselves, and great attention to detail. I give credit when it’s due! Trent and crew are a top-notch business! I am getting them to do a screen patio enclosure after seeing the results.”

Below is a double carport. It is all aluminum construction for many years of minimal maintenance. The homeowner wanted a place to park his boat and truck for protection from the sun, rain, and trees. He was so pleased with our work that he quickly left us a review for the carport.

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aluminum carport

Aluminum double carport and my boat fit too.

A happy customer is a repeat customer.

Below is the screen room we installed after Mr. Kennedy was pleased with our workmanship. It is an insulated screen room featuring a gnat-proof screen. As you can see, he gets a good amount of privacy from the golf course just off his property. However, he still has great visibility from the inside looking out. We even installed a dog door for ease of the pet getting out of the screen room without pawing at the door or screens. Dogs love using pet doors. It is easy to train them to use them, just show them a few times how to go out and come in. The only maintenance for the homeowner is to clean the gutters a couple of times a year and lightly wash the enclosure when needed. We know the fa