Swimming Pool Enclosures

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Want to save money this year on your pool water additives, Invest in a pool enclosure from Aluminum Designs. We use engineering to design all enclosures to meet local building codes and wind loads. 

Screens we use:

  • The Phifer© no-see-um screen 20/20 mesh is a fiberglass screen with a protective vinyl coating that will not rust, stain or corrode. This screen keeps out the small insects while still providing good visibility, ventilation and a bit of daytime privacy. This is the screen we use the most. What does 20/20 mean? In one linear inch, there are twenty openings. Simply put, It is the screen industries version of a thread count. Has a 10-year warranty. Made in the USA. 
  • The Phifer© 18/14 mesh is a fiberglass screen with a protective vinyl coating that will not rust, stain or corrode. This screen offers good ventilation and some bug protection while providing good visibility. The openings in the 18/14 screen is a tad larger so you lose some privacy and you get more light transmitting in. Has a 10-year warranty. Made in the USA.
  • The Phifer© no-see-um TuffScreen 20/20 is a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is Pet resistant, tear and puncture resistant. Provides some daytime privacy and has a 10-year warranty. Made in the USA.

The Phifer screens keep out most of the harmful rays that deplete the pool additives, and it keeps bugs, snakes, and debris out. That means more family time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. A pool enclosure will save you money on your pool additives by not having to replace them as often. Your home’s value will go up as well.

  • If you have a saltwater pool, the salt does not have an effect on the aluminum framing.
  • When we build the frame, all screws are perfectly aligned in a grid fashion.
  • We attach to your house with a commercial size 7″ structural gutter.
  • Yes, we can install pet doors. We do not install them in the door but rather framed next to the door, that way it is structurally sound with its own framing. Sizes range from small to XL.
    Dog doors
  • We service our enclosures with cleaning, re-screening, screw replacements, gutter cleaning, and door closure replacement parts (door shocks, handles, bug sweeps, new doors). The door closures purchased from stores around town do not match the alignment pattern for the screws- please call the office if you need a replacement.

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