Megaview® Pool Enclosure

Aluminum Designs now offer’s a new enclosure, the MegaView®! What is different about this enclosure and why should you get it?  It is one of a kind, Safe, provides an unobstructed view that is designed to meet local code requirements.  The Phifer© TuffScreen® used is made strong and in a way that can withstand hail, golf balls, squirrels, birds, and other small flying objects.

MegaView® enclosures can be made in many different styles and two main colors – bronze and white. The MegaView® enclosures provide safety, security, reduced pool maintenance, and pest control. Did I mention save you money on your pool additives?

These enclosures are very popular on the golf course, lakefront, back bay areas, and beachfront homes.  You can enjoy the beautiful view without compromising safety and the security that is provided by a screen enclosure.

Aluminum Designs specializes in custom screen enclosure designs.  Do you have an unusual roof, curved concrete perimeter or a challenging construction project?

Aluminum Designs is Mississippi’s only authorized MegaView® contractor.

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(Photo credits Megaview Extrusions, Inc.)

Megaview® Enclosure Courtesy of Megaview

B4 katzmanB4nafterBefore with regular enclosure, After with Megaview® Enclosure Courtesy of Megaview