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Here in Mississippi, we get squall lines that can pack the punch of a mini hurricane. At Aluminum Designs, our Aluminum Carports, Boat, and RV covers are built to handle the wind rating designated by the building code for your area.

***We do not sell or build the type of metal carports with the curved over style roof that you see on the side of the road around town.***

You can be sure your vehicle, Boat, and RV will be safe from falling debris,  heavy rain,  destructive hail and the damaging UV rays from the sun. All aluminum means little to no maintenance and free from termite damage and rust.

We have many options to fit your budget. Our Aluminum Carports, Boat, and RV covers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Our roofs come in Elite polystyrene insulated laminated panels as well as a more economical locking pan system.

Our Aluminum Carports, Boat, and RV covers are extremely versatile, whether you choose to have them attached to your home, shop or free-standing, Aluminum Designs can build an Aluminum Carport, Boat, and RV cover for your wants and needs.

 No need to call a separate concrete and gutter company. We also can install gutters on your Aluminum Carport, Boat, and RV cover to help maintain proper water drainage on your property.  If you need concrete, we provide that service too.

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***All photos are our own work and not screenshots of other companies work or from brochures.

long carport
wood walkway cover
Harrison County Jail walkway cover
Walkway cover
Double aluminum carport
Aluminum Carport
Boat & Rv Cover


large Double carport
Double carport
Wood Boat Cover