Insect screen for no-see-ums and mosquitoes

Coastal living and insect screen

Our area is coastal and marsh wetlands. As a result, we are finding a lot of homeowners are dealing with no-see-ems and mosquitoes. What do mosquitoes and no-see-ums love? They love wet areas, tall grass, and people. Therefore, our homes cannot be without the protection of screens. There are many types of screen, but I want to talk to you about the insect screen for today. Living on the bayou and around the beach provides us with beautiful views; on the other hand, it also is the Location, Location, Location so many biting bugs prefer as their home.

A home in the bayou with a large porch with arches and round columns. Has a bronze aluminum frame with 20/20 gnat proof screen installed to keep the gnats, no-see-ums and mosquitoes away. This screenunder is built by ALuminum Designs of Saucier, MS.
Enjoying the bayou without the bugs with a 20/20 gnat-proof screen.

Chemical-free alternative to combat bugs for your outdoor living spaces

  So many of us are turning towards a healthy lifestyle, and so, the thought of slathering on smelly bug spray is no longer the popular thing to do. But how are you going to enjoy your patio or pool without sprays, you ask? The answer is the insect screen! Commonly referred to as 20/20 screen, bug screen, gnat screen. Whatever you want to call it, we know what you are looking for. As a result, that is all we use anymore. We know where our customers live and to find a yard without any biting insects is a myth. 

An insect screen is certainly a good investment for your home.

 Let this year be the year you are not afraid to invite family and guests over to your backyard. You will enjoy your outdoor patio, kitchen, or pool again. Think about that, no more bugs in your outdoor living areas. It’s not a dream, and it can be your reality! If you have put off your plans to the perfect back yard because of those pests, Now you can expand your home to have that outdoor kitchen, lanai, or swimming pool. 

This river home has a large open porch with square columns. Installed a bronze frame with an X pattern at the bottom. It has 20/20 gnat proof screen to keep the mosquitos and biting bugs away. This screen under is built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, Ms.
Enjoying the river from the back porch in a bug-free zone with a 20/20 insect screen.
Features of insect screen
  • Fiberglass screens do not rust. Therefore, are perfect for the coastal environment.
  • 20/20 Fiberglass bug screen provides maximum protection vs. standard aluminum or fiberglass screen.
  • For your swimming pool, keeps debris out of the pool. Therefore, you will save money on maintenance.
  • Wind-driven rain reduction on the patio without totally blocking the breeze. In other words, You will still have a fair airflow with the 20/20 screen.
  • It provides good daytime privacy and good views looking out.
  • Provides a safe zone from disease-carrying mosquitoes, ticks, and biting no-see-um gnats provided that there are no tears in the screen panels. Saves you money on insect control.
  • Easy to clean with a mild soap solution and water.
  • The screen brand we use has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Fiberglass Screens will not rust. You are thinking of the old steel screen. The 20/20 material is a fiberglass screen with a polyester coating providing flexibility so it won’t dent. 
  • Features an EPA-regulated coating to prevent the growth of microbes, fungus, and germs which cause staining and odors.
  • The screen brand we use has a certification for low chemical emissions, carcinogens, and toxin levels that the EPA regulates. As a result, this screen is safe to use in schools and hospitals.

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This home features an outdoor kitchen on a large concrete patio. A large mansard style aluminum frame with 20/20 gnat proof screen in the roof and walls keeps the area open. This lanai is built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.
This screened-in lanai enclosure features the 20/20 insect screen. Therefore, no bugs or flies will crash the party.

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