Swimming Pool Enclosures

Bronze frame charcoal screen swimming Pool enclosure Built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.

Swimming Pool enclosures that are robust.

When building the swimming pool enclosures, Aluminum Designs uses engineering. The engineering helps us to determine the correct size beam that we’ll need to meet or exceed wind loads. The wind loads in our area are now anywhere from 120 to 160. Why choose to exceed the wind load? If you live in a newly constructed home, many contractors are building to higher wind loads. If you live in an area located in a lower wind load zone, we can make the enclosure match the higher strength of the home. When building the swimming pool enclosures, we don’t cut corners.

What makes our enclosure company different?

“What we put on the contract, we do on the job site.” We have well-written contracts so everyone will know what is going on.  Also, Our goal is to have the best quality materials with the highest strength standards for all materials. All orders are received at our shop so we can inspect them. It is our way of keeping your order clean and safe from the weather. We prefab all swimming pool enclosures in our shop on a level concrete surface. Therefore, allowing us to set up workstations to form an assembly line. Consequently, we can build more enclosures by prefabbing versus stick-building them.

Expect us bright and early, around 7 to 7:30 am each morning, as long as you are within an hour’s drive from the shop here in Saucier. Aluminum Designs builds swimming pool enclosures all along the Mississippi gulf coast. We have recently finished pool enclosures in Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Wade. Aluminum Designs is highly recommended by reputable pool builders on the coast and many happy customers.

A curved pool enclosure Built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.
Curved swimming pool enclosure built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.

We use the following screen on all pool enclosures.

  • Gnat screen 20/20 mesh is a fiberglass screen with a protective vinyl coating that will not rust, stain or corrode. This screen keeps out the small insects from the pool enclosure; Meanwhile, still providing excellent visibility, ventilation, and a bit of daytime privacy. Therefore, this is the screen we use the most. What does 20/20 mean? In one linear inch, there are twenty openings horizontally and vertically. It is the screen manufacturer’s version of a thread count.
  • The 18/14 mesh is a fiberglass screen with a protective vinyl coating that will not rust, stain, or corrode. This screen offers proper ventilation and some bug protection for a pool enclosure while providing excellent visibility. The openings in the 18/14 screen are a tad larger, so you lose some privacy, and you get more light transmitting in.
  • The Heavy-duty gnat screen 20/20 is a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is Pet resistant, tear, and puncture-resistant. It provides some daytime privacy. We can use this screen on any enclosure; however, this screen is also the only screen we use on our MegaView pool enclosure walls.
 Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS., built this two-story swimming pool enclosure on 9-22-2006.
Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS., built this two-story swimming pool enclosure on 9-22-2006.

Why do we use the Phifer brand screen?

Aluminum Designs strives to provide quality materials and top-notch service to the customer. Therefore, when we choose suppliers for materials, we look for companies that have the same beliefs. Phifer routinely tests their screen for quality control. Phifer’s tensile strength outperformed other manufacturers we have tried in the past. As a result, Phifer’s product does a better job of keeping bugs, snakes, and debris out. Most notably, their screen doesn’t have harmful chemicals from China. It is listed as safe to be installed in schools and hospitals as it is certified. Phifer’s manufacturing plant location is in Tuscaloosa, AL.

What does this all mean for you? 

You can trust that your pool enclosure will last years with little maintenance. When choosing Aluminum Designs, you have chosen a company you can trust with your money and home. As a result, that means more family time enjoying your pool, and no worries. When we come for the estimate, you tell us what you have in mind. With your idea for a new backyard coupled with our vast construction knowledge, the possibilities are endless. Aluminum Designs can create a new favorite place that your family and friends will love. We get just as excited about building pool enclosures as you do while watching it all come together.

Did you know

  • You save money on pool additives by not having to replace those as often.
  • If you have a saltwater pool, the salt does not affect the aluminum framing or the screen material.
  • When building the frame, all screws perfectly align in a grid fashion. Each screw is hand-painted with a brush after installation; this ensures full protective coverage on each screw.
  • When attaching the 7″ structural gutter to your house, we secure it onto the rafters with long screws as instructed in the engineering.
  • We use stainless steel screws.

 enclosure Built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.

A service call on a pool enclosure can include the following:

  • We service our enclosures with a commercial power washer and clean them with Joemax and germicidal bleach.
  • Re-screening of the entire enclosure to properly clean the spline grooves so we can install the new screen.
  • If you have rusted old screws, we can replace 90% of the old screws accessible to change them to stainless screws if you want this as an upgraded package.
  • Regular gutter cleaning. We remove the debris from the inside of the gutter and haul it off.
  • Enhanced enclosure gutter cleaning. We remove the debris and pressure wash the gutter while we are cleaning the enclosure. We check the seams and reseal them if needed.
  • Door replacement or door replacement parts (hinges, door shocks, handles, bug sweeps, new doors).
  • The door closures purchased from stores around town do not match the alignment pattern for the screws. Please call the office if you need to buy a replacement.

Insulated patio cover with attached pool enclosure Built by Aluminum Designs of Saucier, MS.

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