Review for screen room and house repairs

A review from Mr. & Mrs. West

Mrs. West sent us this letter in an email. This is their review of Aluminum Designs and what you can expect when you hire us.

“I received three bids on the work that “Needed” to be done to our house.  Aluminum Designs are not the cheapest. However, Trent had the soundest and most logical ways to solve the problems regarding the back of our home, especially.  After mulling it over, my husband and I discussed that Trent and Aluminum Designs is the “Fix,” not the “Patch” solution.  

newly painted house exterior
Screen enclosure, trim work, and whole house paint

The team begins with his wife and coordinator, Ava.  She schedules and takes care of everything.  I loved the communication between their company and us.  The company is a family-run company that has been in business for about 19 years.  I get the impression that one or two employees, who are not related, become family because of the courtesy and respect they showed each other daily.

Aluminum Designs showed up every day on time or a little early. *Notice to retirees*, our little joke.  Our home needed a lot of work on the back due to weather and rotting wood. Therefore, we wanted the entire outside of the house painted after the completion of all repairs.  Aluminum Designs repairs, sands, caulks and paints extremely well.  Together, the team worked to ensure that we were happy with their work.  

We became so impressed after the first day; we noticed all of the guys, including the boss, casing our driveway for nails and screws.  They clean up every day and are very respectful of your property. Aluminum Designs worked at our home for two hard weeks. Everyone on the team is so polite and respectful. As a result, We love everyone on the team.   

review of Aluminum Designs


In conclusion, We are overjoyed with the new look, and we know the quality of their work is worth every penny! My husband and I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with this group of men and the work they did for us.  Therefore, We think it is important to give our review so everyone will know that We would highly recommend them for any of your home improvement needs. We look forward to working with them again in the future.  From now on, they are our “Go to Guys”!” ~Mrs. West

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Aluminum Designs is an A+ rated BBB accredited company.

Review of Aluminum DesignsReview of ALuminum Designs