9 December 2017

HOMEOWNER BACKGROUND: In the past, we have always done our own work and the few times we did not, we were disappointed and frequently redid the project to meet our satisfaction. Now at age of 75, we have become more dependant on outside assistance, but how do you locate someone who you can trust to do quality work at a fair price? we not only found someone, but they exceeded our expectations. That business is ALUMINUM DESIGNS.

PROJECT: Remodel front aluminum screen room to make it look like part of the home, add the ceiling fan, replace screens, add roof fascia, clean the front, remove five bushes, screen rear porch, and pour concrete mount for the flag. ESTIMATED COST WAS $3,400. LABOR/MATERIAL AND FINAL COST WAS $3,400.00

COMMENTS: Aluminum Designs is led by Owner Trent, supported by “Team Members”. All of these persons are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and pleasant. It was a pleasure to communicate with them and observe how they worked together as a team. It seemed as if each anticipated what the other was going to do and assisted in the next step. It is the little things that count and determine the quality of the job: 1. they had all the tools plus including a tractor, work trailer and a metal siding break. 2. All corner moldings were manufactured on site. 3. The work site was cleaned up each day. 4. All construction techniques were explained to me. 5. The new vinyl siding lines were matched to the old siding. 6. Rusty screws were replaced. 7. And, finally, they painted all screw heads to match the siding color.

CLOSING: Will Aluminum Designs be back? That is a big YES! They will be here 9 January 2018 to construct a garden retaining wall. Aluminum Designs is my contractor of choice and we feel very good about not having to locate a contractor that does professional and quality work.

Sincerely, Jim N.

After, now it looks like it was built with the home
Before it looked like an addition