Glass and Screen Porch Enclosures

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***All photos are our own work and not a screenshot from other companies work or brochures.

Increased Home Value 

Adding extra living space to your home not only provides you and your family a better standard of living but also increases the value of your home.

If you’ve ever considered adding a room to your home, you’ve also considered the time and cost involved. Using conventional construction methods can be quite expensive, time-consuming, and often requiring the reconstruction of your home.

Aluminum Designs offers a unique enclosure system that can accommodate your needs. Maybe you want to convert an existing porch or patio into a screen room or upgrade to a vinyl room or glass sunroom. In the first picture, we added an insulated patio cover. The second picture had an existing covered porch that was screened in to tie into the pool enclosure we built. The third photo was a bricked column carport built with the house. It was screened in first, then a few years later upgraded to vinyl windows. The last photo is an insulated roof with glass windows.  Since each and every enclosure we build is “custom-made” the possibilities are endless. 

 The Strength of Design 

Insulated Roof Construction

Aluminum Designs uses Elite Insulated Roof System. The way these panels lock together is the key to the strength and superior building performance found in every insulated enclosure.  The exclusive dual-layer premium paint finish resists scratching, corrosion and fading.  We have Bronze, White, Ivory, and Sandstone colors to choose from. We can hang ceiling fans and lights from the insulated panels due to a hidden interior aluminum beam for a continuous smooth ceiling look.

In the 3″ insulated wall system, all windows & doors are recessed in the wall and have a complete, finished interior trim. All windows and doors are offered in a wide selection to fit your wants and needs. Maintenance and yearly clean up are a breeze, no painting. 

We use our own proprietary methods to seal the roof panels for the best results. We break aluminum flashing on site and properly install to make sure the water is draining away from the shingles and toward the ground. 

Non-insulated Roof Construction:

Aluminum Designs uses a 3″ x 12″ Riser pan roof system in custom lengths to fit your needs. The underside view of this roof will be flat with ribs every 2″. It resembles a tongue and groove plank ceiling. The pans are boxed on one end to help prevent wind-driven water from entering the header. This aluminum roof is low maintenance and comes in Bronze, White, Ivory, and Sandstone.

Bring The Outdoors In 

Screen rooms are perfect for those that want to have the feel of the outdoors without dealing with those pesky lovebugs, wasps, bees, spiders, snakes, dirt, and debris. Screen rooms will allow you to enjoy the fresh air after the rain on a Spring day, Those Summer breezes without those insects and the cool crisp winds of Autumn.

Screen wall construction: There are many looks with our construction. We can install a 36″ high chair rail with the screen all the way to the bottom, 36″ high chair rail w/pickets, no chair rail with a bottom kickplate panel at the bottom. As you can see from the many pictures below, Most customers’ preference is the 36″ high chair rail without the kickplate panel at the bottom.

The Screen: Our screen is the gnat proof, Phifer brand screen in colors of charcoal (black) or silver (light grey). Phifer offers screens with microbial protection (helps keep algae away), sun protection, bug protection, and pet sturdy screens.

Do you have pets? Pepper

Aluminum Designs also installs dog and cat doors so they can come and go as they please without pawing at the screen or door, causing damage, to get your attention to go outside or come in. We install the pet door for a small install fee because we make a frame with our aluminum to provide a sturdy mounting place next to the door frame, or a location you choose. Please note, We will not install the pet doors on the screen doors, doing so weakens the door construction.

We recommend the PetSafe brand aluminum frame pet doors. You can purchase them from Lowes Here in the correct size for your pet. We recommend the aluminum frame due to its ability to stand up to active dogs or home with multiple dogs. These doors also come with a panel to lock for added security. Aluminum framed pet doors also stand up to the damage from the sun as the plastic frame will wear down and become brittle over time causing for a replacement. You don’t have to choose this brand, but we highly recommend an aluminum frame construction similar to the way this one is constructed in the brand you choose.  

One great thing about our screen room construction style, if you decide to ever update your screen room from Aluminum Designs, It can easily be upgraded to a glass room or vinyl window room without having to take down the existing structure that we built for you previously. 

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