Megaview® Pool Enclosure

The MegaView® pool enclosure from Aluminum Designs. Mississippi’s only authorized builder!

Pictured below is the first MegaView®️ pool enclosure Aluminum Designs built in South Mississippi. The homeowners, though not having a pool, still wanted to have an enclosed lanai. The main concern was, they did not want to block their view of the deer that frequent the backyard. With such a small patio, They felt closely spaced post would make the lanai feel closed-in. After much research, they found out about us through Megaview Extrusions, Inc. and, as a result, contacted us to get a free estimate.

MegaView enclosure

The coast really loves the open view provided by the MegaView®️ pool enclosure!

Megaview pool enclosure by Aluminum DesignsMegaview pool enclosure by Aluminum Designs

What is different about this enclosure and why should you get it?  

One of a kind, backed by engineered safe construction, provides an unobstructed, open view designed to meet local wind load requirements.  

We use the best brand avaliable. The screen is made strong and built to last. A strong screen can withstand hail, golf balls, pets, birds, and other small flying objects. This screen is made of heavy duty, vinyl coated polyester. As a result, It does not rust and comes backed by a 10-year extended limited warranty from the manufacture. This screen comes treated with an anti-microbial coating to prohibit growth of stains caused from bacteria, mold and mildew. As a result, the EPA has certified the screen for low chemical emissions.

We can build the MegaView® pool enclosure in different roof styles.  The colors avaliable are bronze and white. MegaView® enclosures provide safety, security, as a result, reduces pool maintenance, and pest control. Therefore, can save you money on your pool additives.

These enclosures become very popular on the golf course, lakefront, back bay areas, and beachfront homes.  In conclusion, You can enjoy the beautiful open view without compromising safety or the security that a screen enclosure provides.

Aluminum Designs specializes in custom screen enclosure designs.  Do you have an unusual roof, curved concrete perimeter or a challenging construction project?

Aluminum Designs is Mississippi’s only authorized MegaView® pool enclosure builder.

Step out of the ordinary with Aluminum Designs

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Megaview® is a registered trademark of Megaview Extrusions, Inc.

(ALL PHOTOS BELOW credits go to Megaview Extrusions, Inc. We are excited to work with this company to bring you something unique to our area.  (These photos below are not the work of Aluminum Designs, but of Megaview Extrusions, Inc. A company that has the same attention to detail and high-quality work that you can expect and will get from Aluminum Designs.)

megaview pool enclosure by megaview extrustions inc
Megaview® Enclosure Courtesy of Megaview

megaview pool enclosure by Megaview extrusions incBefore with regular enclosure, After with Megaview® Enclosure Courtesy of Megaview