About Aluminum Designs

All About Aluminum Designs 

Trent Sonier, the owner of Aluminum Designs, has provided quality construction projects in South Mississippi since 2000. Mr. Sonier’s the owner, salesman, builder, and crew leader. When he says Aluminum Designs will do something, it gets done.

Ava Sonier, the wife of Trent Sonier, wears many hats in the company. She manages the office operations and phones, handles permits, orders materials, accepts shipments, and coordinates schedules. She also attends the estimates to meet with customers, creates advertisements, runs the social media pages, and designs the website.

Our crew We’re small in numbers, but mighty in strength! We build complex jobs that require a lot of power to put it all together. Each member of our crew helps to provide quality customer service while on the job.


Aluminum Designs provides maintenance and service after installation to the projects we build.  We do our best to clean up the aluminum shavings. We do not leave any scrap material on the job site.  At the end of the job, we clean up the area with trash bags, then bring it back to the shop to be disposed of.

Aluminum Designs has a State license with the Mississippi State Board of Contractors as a Residential Builder #R06623. Ava keeps a good rapport with the local permit office. Aluminum Designs has valid licenses, proper insurance coverage, and engineering to do the job right.

***We are NOT affiliated with any other aluminum company. ***

Our Mission 

Produce quality work that improves the value of the customers’ home. Provide excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale. Deliver the best in everything we do. Listen to the customers’ needs, then create that idea within the project if safe to do so.

Customer Service Goals: Stay accessible to the customer during regular business hours. Always listen to the customer. Help each customer even if the sale isn’t guaranteed. When a customer has a complaint, listen to their needs. Take care of any complaint as promptly as possible and to the best of our ability.

Quality control for materials: We store the delivered materials on racks in our shop to keep them clean. When the time comes to begin each project, we carefully load and secure the materials on the trailers for transport to the job site.

Aluminum Designs