Aluminum Patio Covers

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Aluminum Designs offers hassle-free insulated and non-insulated aluminum patio covers to suit any budget. No need to worry about a long drawn out construction schedule. Most aluminum patio covers can be installed in just a day or two. Not only are our aluminum patios durable and budget-friendly, but they are also engineered to last. We build our patio covers to meet the high wind ratings in your city.

With the enamel finished baked onto the metal surface, maintenance is super easy, all you need is a water hose and a mild cleaner.

We have very low calls for leaks. With proper flashing that is broke onsite and installed under your shingles, the correct type and adequate amounts of sealer, with just the right amount of roof pitch, you can be sure the roof panels are installed properly. Only then will the water drain off the roof and to the ground. We have our own proprietary method to ensure the whole patio roof is watertight. We go above and beyond the manufactured suggested installation methods.

From enjoying the days’ first cup of coffee to family gatherings, cookouts, and birthday parties on the porch… Let Aluminum Designs build your relaxing outdoor space. We offer white, bronze, ivory, and sandstone colors.


***All photos are our own work and not screenshots from other companies work or brochures. 

patio cover
Insulated aluminum ivory patio cover
the underside of insulated patio cover
2 hidden fan beams inside of the insulated panels
Harrison County Jail
Harrison County Jail


Insulated patio cover with gutter
Non-insulated patio cover