An aluminum patio cover that is built to last

Low Maintenance Aluminum Patio Covers.

Aluminum Designs offers hassle-free aluminum patio covers in insulated and non-insulated to suit any budget. No need to worry about a long-drawn-out construction schedule. Most aluminum patio covers install in just a day or two. With the enamel finished baked onto the aluminum surface, maintenance becomes super easy. All you need is a water hose and a mild cleaner. The best part of aluminum, it does NOT rust! Call today, 228-328-2070.

Worry-Free aluminum patio covers.

  • We break onsite custom flashing and install it under your shingles.
  • The correct type and adequate amounts of sealer are used.
  • We use the Correct roof pitch, so water drains from the home.
  • Proprietary method to ensure the whole aluminum patio roof gets watertight.

Building Codes and Wind Loads, we have it covered!

Not only are aluminum patios durable and budget-friendly, most importantly, they are also engineered to last. We build patio covers to meet the high wind ratings for your cities building code. Each city and county has different building requirements. For example, the wind loads range from 120 to 160 depending on your area. As a result, we have you covered with an engineered aluminum patio cover. We keep a good report with the codes and license offices.

Features of an aluminum patio cover:

  • Colors: white, bronze, ivory, and almond.
  • Options: attached to the roof or freestanding.
  • Roof type: Aluminum Insulated locking roof panels or aluminum non-insulated riser pan locking roof panels.

Aluminum patio cover – Non-Insulated:

  • Non-insulated panels make for an economical choice.
  • Protects doors, windows, and patio furniture from rain and hail.
  • Still hear the sound of rain.
  • Condensation can form from the morning dew and drip onto the patio.
  • The non-insulated pan roof can be used later if you want to upgrade from a patio to a screen room.
  • The pans come in 1′ sections with 5 rib detail for strength and come in many lengths.
  • Sturdy but cannot walk on.
  • Used as patio cover or carport

Aluminum patio cover -Insulated:

  • Insulated panels are an upgrade from the non-insulated panels.
  • Reflects the solar rays off the patio, so they don’t enter your home.
  • It provides shade to doors and windows.
  • Protects doors, windows, and patio furniture from rain and hail.
  • The insulated roof blocks the sound of rain better than the non-insulated.
  • No condensation forms on the underside of the insulated panels.
  • The insulated roof can be used later if you want to upgrade from a patio to a sunroom.
  • Insulated roof panels come in 2′ and 4′ widths and come in many lengths.
  • The panels can also have a hidden fan beam to run electrical wires and support fans and lights.
  • It can be walked on.

A customers’ review 

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