No-see-ems and mosquitoes

On the coast, we are finding a lot of homeowners are dealing with no-see-ems and mosquitoes. We use 20/20 gnat proof screen to combat this problem so you don’t have to light citronella candles and spray yourself with bug spray.

You will enjoy your outdoor patio or pool again. If you have pets, we can install pet doors too. Our screened enclosures are pet-friendly.

With the 20/20 screen, it reduces the sun solar rays which save you money on any pool water additives. Your patio furniture will last longer too. The 20/20 screen also provides a safe zone from disease-carrying mosquitoes and biting no-see-em gnats provided that there are no tears in the screen panels.

We give free estimates for our service area 228-328-2070 call today.


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